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When a client comes into the studio, it is the beginning of something special. We succeed in repeatedly exceeding expectations, providing all of our clients with the best pieces of art.

Owner, Linda Kozloff-Turner, is our custom design specialist. She is an exceptional artist and designer, or Graphic Diviner, creating awe-inspiring work.  We wanted to share just a few of her favorite custom design experiences.



Even though I do not have a green thumb so to speak, I do love gardens and flowers. I have created an entire garden line in jewelry.

I love Cathy A. because when she comes in for a custom piece of jewelry she is looking for a piece of art. When I first get a meeting with the client, I really try to see into who they are as people, and from that it becomes clear what they will wear for a piece of jewelry. I particularly love commemorative jewelry design because I weave a legend into the piece you wear.

Cathy loves green, and she loves to garden. She also wanted to mix metals in this piece so that she could wear it with anything. When we sat down I brought out some deep green sapphires. When she selected a 2.5 carat forest green oval sapphire the design process had begun. When I first heard that the spot under your gemstone was called the gallery, I decided this was the perfect place to put Art. I saw a trellis that held the stone up with strength but also provided a light and open feel. We decided on 14K White gold with 18K gold accents to step up the contrast and provide a lush combination. This ring was a gift from her husband to mark a milestone birthday.

To create this piece, I sat with the CAD/CAM artist for about 6 hours on this job. We designed a leaf that could be cast multiple times in 18KY gold and laser welded to the trellis underneath. The base of the ring is 14K white gold, and the yellow gold bezel is also 18K. What I could not be prepared for was that the reflection of the halo of prong set diamonds around the center green sapphire oval horizontally set looked like a second row of diamonds! What a treat to see her face when she opened up the box and saw the ring for the first time. Her love for gardening was exemplified in a ring design in a way that she could wear it everyday. What an extraordinary experience with and extraordinary client. So grateful she wants me to be the artist that I am, and she treasures her ring!!